When we go on vacation, we are usually faced with reality of having to travel without our pets. Our animals are like family and it never gets easier leaving them behind. In addition, prior to traveling, you are stuck going through the process of finding a caretaker or trustworthy kennel to board them while you’re away. Not to mention, depending on the number of days you’ll be gone, the costs of these services begin to add up. Most commercial airlines do allow animals to be booked on a flight, but only with a daunting procedure and many frustrating restrictions.

Here are a few requirements for flying pets on commercial airlines:

  • By Federal law, the carrier must warrant that the proposed journey will not expose the animal to temperatures less than 45 deg F, or more than 85 deg F. Many journeys are multi-stage flights, often with more than one airline, and satisfying this condition can be fraught with difficulty.
  • Some breeds, like pugs and bulldogs, are prone to breathing difficulties, and will not be accepted for carriage.
  • Animals must be in a container. They must remain in this container throughout the journey, including en route stops.
  • Airlines charge a fee for carrying pets. It is usually a flat fee, and can range from $125 to as much as $500.

How Southern Sky Aviation is different:

Chartering with Southern Sky Aviation simplifies your entire journey from start to finish. A few of the benefits of flying private include a speedy boarding process, complete control over your baggage, and no tedious security checks, meaning less travel time overall. In addition, you will receive first class service from our staff, access to private airports, a more comfortable flight, and of course the ease of flying your pets with absolutely no hassle. Southern Sky Aviation is proud to offer a pet friendly flight experience and first class service for your furry friend.

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