We’re here for you now more than ever.

Recent trends show that the Southern and Eastern FAA regions are doing nearly as many charter flight hours as all of the other FAA regions in the country combined. Due to the current status of the country, we understand that many have been hesitant to fly on commercial airlines. If you’re still in need of travel services, but are uneasy about being exposed to a public airport or aircraft, flying charter is a great option for you.

A few reasons to charter with Southern Sky Aviation:

  • Our aircrafts and airports are privately owned and operated, meaning that we are offering a more exclusive, safe, and efficient experience than you can find anywhere else.
  • At Southern Sky Aviation, we are taking all precautions when it comes to keeping our customers safe and satisfied. That means additional screening for our flight staff and passengers, along with fully sanitizing our aircrafts between flights, and even more.
  • Even though we may be taking a different approach to flying, we still promise the same great five-star flight experience as before.

We also wanted to remind our customers, with the increased flight times, it is now more important than ever before to make sure your aircraft maintenance is up to date – Whether it’s a routine maintenance check, special service, or running diagnostics, Southern Sky Aviation is avaliable for all your maintenance needs.