In a relatively short time span, commercial airlines have made the world accessible to the average person in terms of fare price and accessibility.

However, with more and more downward pressure on airfares as the airlines compete for market share and steady growth in the year over number of people flying, some downsides begin to present themselves. Security hassles, cramped quarters, inflexible departure and arrival times, and various other restrictions are all realities you accept and deal with on a commercial airline flight.
However, there is another way – private aircraft chartering.

Charter offers:

  1. Wider choice of destinations – airlines utilize a hub and spoke network of airports. This means you often will have to land in a larger metropolitan area or regional airport and then drive the remaining distance to your destination. There are literally thousands upon thousands of smaller airports who are not serviced by the airlines, but are perfectly accessible by privately chartered aircraft. This enables you to land much closer to your destination, usually in the same town or city.
  2. Streamlined security – a privately chartered aircraft is tailored uniquely to you. This removes the need for invasive bag searches, lengthy waits in line, and restrictions on what you are allowed to carry. This results in considerable time savings and a more pleasant flying experience.
  3. Departure and arrival flexibility – Unlike the airlines where departure and arrival times are very structured and inflexible, privately chartered aircraft operate on your schedule. Often times, passengers show up for their private flight as little as 5 to 10 minutes prior to departure and are able to adjust their itinerary as their plans evolve and change.
  4. Time savings – Last, but certainly not least, is the ability to save that which can never be recovered – time. Most would agree that it is a difficult task to take a lengthy airline flight and be productive in that same day. Many professionals travel to a meeting the day before and leave the day after due to fatigue and an airline schedule not fitting their itinerary on a given day. This creates the need for time away from home, other work duties, hotels, rental cars, etc. One of the more eye-opening exercises is to ask yourself as a professional what your time is worth. Many practices bill hourly, so if you apply your “hourly rate” to a 24-72 hour business trip on the airlines that could be done in a day on a private charter, the savings in time and productivity begin to add up.

Chartering a private aircraft gives you the best of what aviation has to offer without the shortcomings of flying with the general public. Contact Southern Sky Aviation today to schedule your next trip.