Traveling to a new destination is always exciting, but the hours spent getting there can feel tedious.

There’s no better feeling than booking a flight to a new destination and preparing for the adventure ahead. That is, until it actually sets in that you will be sitting on a plane for hours at a time anxiously waiting your arrival. Fortunately for our customers, chartering a flight with Southern Sky Aviation means an overall faster, more comfortable, and convenient travel experience than you would receive by flying commercial. But in addition, we’ve also found that if you properly prepare and plan your air time like you would your travel itinerary, the hours will seem to pass even more quickly. To make your ride as enjoyable as possible, we’ve gathered up a few ideas and fun ways to kill time on a flight. Check them out below!

Watch a movie.

Chat with your neighbor.

Play a game of cards.

Read a book.

Listen to a podcast.

Take a nap.

Catch up on work.

Eat a meal.

Jam out to music.

Enjoy the view.