King Air-200 Hour Phase Inspection or Alternate Phase Inspection?

Are You Compliant?

As a King Air owner, we wanted to send you a reminder of the maintenance requirements as recommended by Textron in the Maintenance Service Manual.  We are sending this because many aircraft owners flying habits may have changed due to Covid-19.

A complete inspection cycle is 800 hours or 24 months.  The inspection cycle is normally broken up into four equal parts-Phase 1 at 200 hours, Phase 2 at 400 hours, Phase 3 at 600 hours and Phase 4 at 800 hours.  The complete inspection cycle assumes the aircraft is flying 400 hours every 12 months.  What if you are flying less than that?

The Service Manual says that if you are flying more than 200 hours but less than 400 hours over a 24-month period, the aircraft should follow the Alternate Phase Inspection.  The Alternate method requires that the Phase 1 and 2 inspections be performed within 12 months after the last inspection and Phase 3 and 4 inspections be performed within 12 months of the last Phase 1 and 2 inspections.

If you are flying less than 200 hours every 24 months, the Service Manual recommends using the Biennial Inspection.  The Biennial Inspection method means that an interim inspection should be performed at 12 months and every 12 months thereafter.  Then, a Complete Inspection should be performed at 24 months and every 24 months thereafter.

If you are unsure whether you are compliant with the Phase Inspection requirements of the King Air Aircraft Maintenance Manual, the Southern Sky Aviation Maintenance team can assist you.  Please contact Darryl Brewer ( or 205-966-9291) or Joe Turner ( or 205-746-6703) to discuss setting up an appointment with our Director of Maintenance Ralph Young to help you understand these maintenance requirements.  To learn more about us please visit our website at